Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tips: Know Your Bouquet Types

Decisions decisions…planning a wedding is full of them, even down to your bouquet. Do you want to go with a traditional round or hand-tied bouquet or do you want to wow them with a glamelia or biedermeier? Wait what? What in the world is a biedermeier and where is your Aunt Glamelia?

Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday is all about the many types of bouquet shapes and beautiful examples of each. Go in to your floral appointment armed and ready to make an informed decision about your bouquet choice. From traditional to an out of the ordinary pomander or tussy mussy, I’ve got you covered!

A round bouquet can be composed of one or many flowers typically using a bouquet holder. It’s larger than similar rounds (about the size of your head) like a posy or nosegay.

For that just picked from the garden look, a hand-tied bouquet is a gathering of flowers hand-tied with a ribbon.

Flowers in an asymmetrical bouquet are longer on one side than the other.

This bouquet has flowers that arc outward on both sides to create a crescent shape.

This shape is made by draping flowers downward to create a waterfall or cascade effect.

A presentation bouquet is made up of flowers with long stems so the bouquet can be carried in the bend of your arm.

A posy is a small round bouquet and can be loose or structured. Typically about half the size of a traditional round.

Tussy Mussy
This bouquet uses a small metal hand-carried vase.

Similar in shape and size to a posy, a nosegay has more greenery than flowers.

A biedermeier bouquet consists of concentric rings of flowers with each ring being a specific type of flower.

This bouquet is made up of many flower petals that are attached together to form one giant flower.

The fan bouquet is simply a fan that has had flowers attached to it.

Typically used for winter weddings, a muff bouquet is made up of flowers attached to a muff.

Also known as a kissing ball, a pomander is a tight ball of flowers attached to ribbon or a chain.

A wreath bouquet is a bouquet typically created on a wreath form or formed from a circle of florals.

The ballerina bouquet is a round bouquet made up of or accented by tulle or netting with a few flowers.

Flower bracelet/Wrist
Similar to a wrist corsage, a flower bracelet typically is larger in scope with a variety of flowers.

A floral presentation in a basket that can be cone-shaped or take on the shape of the basket used to hold the flowers.

A bouquet/creation in the shape of a large wand.

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