Stunner Thursday: Tattooed Brides, be proud of your ink!

With tattoos becoming more commonplace and accepted, the days of covering up tattoos before taking a walk down the aisle are thankfully coming to an end. Personally, I have a few tats with plans for more ink between now and June 8th when Mr. Wondermous gets stuck with me for life. 😉

I have no plans to cover up my tattoos. Why? My tattoos are part of who I am and each one has very deep meaning for me. I have my late parent’s handwriting on both of my wrists, a symbol of my spirituality on the middle of my shoulders/neck, and my most recent one is a pic of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo that my sister and I got together to commemorate our close relationship (I’m Boo Boo…lol). If I love and believe in something enough to permanently put it on my body, it’s not merely a decoration that I want to hide.

More and more brides are feeling the same way, so I thought today I would celebrate us tattooed brides and show you all a few of my favorite pics featuring tattooed brides. Enjoy and embrace your ink!

Tattoed Brides #1

Tattooed Brides #2

One response to “Stunner Thursday: Tattooed Brides, be proud of your ink!

  1. I haven’t been able to find rarely any magazines that show brides with ink and I hate that I don’t see more.

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