Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Bridal Party Invitations

So, you’re engaged and are thinking about who you want by your side on what will likely be the best day of your life. Do you call up your besties on the phone, take them out to dinner, or do you go all out and let your creativity do the talking? For many of us (like myself), we are just so excited to be engaged that we blurt it out in conversation. Traditionally, taking your potential attendants out for a bite to eat and making a formal verbal invitation or a formal written invitation is customary. Why not take it one step further and come up with a way to ask your besties in a way that will jump start the memory making?

Something trending in the great big world of weddings are bridal party invitations. From personalized boxes of chocolate to paper dolls or a fabulous handmade card, this trend is definitely one that I hope will become the norm. What a great way to establish your theme and make your party feel special than coming up with a creative way to ask them to be by your side. Here are some great examples of bridal party invites that are sure to make your bridal attendants feel special. I hope these can spark a bit of creativity and best wishes on your special day!

Bridesmaid Invitations

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