Saturday’s Latest: Voluptuously Hip and Weekly Roundup From the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team

Happy Weekend! This week’s Saturday’s Latest features a new addition to the Etsy Virtual Bridal Team: Voluptuously Hip. Voluptuously Hip features handmade lingerie, including bras, (custom orders welcome, all sizes AA-HH 28-44) panties, and swimwear.

Here is a bit about Voluptuously Hip and about the owner, Ruth:
“I grew up on a small farm in northern Ontario, were all the ladies in the family were talented and creative. They were knitters, quilters and crocheters. They made the most beautiful quilts, sweaters hats, mittens and so much more.So I was taught to sew at a very young age. I loved sewing, I’d make aprons, pants, jumpsuits, pretty much anything. As I got a bit older I got away from sewing for awhile. But not for long.

When I had children, I got back into sewing, I made my kids Halloween costumes, coats, dresses, pants, pajamas, anything they wanted. So one day when my daughters and I were out shopping, for fabric, we came across some bra patterns.I had never dreamed of making my own bras! My bras were so expensive, I’m an odd size, a G34, so they are hard to find, the selection slim, and quite costly, and I still needed to alter the straps (cause they were always too long) when I got it home. So I bought the pattern and the things I needed to make my own bra. Within no time, I had put together my own bra!! Loved it, started sewing myself a new bra everyday. Then I made my daughters little bras, and my girlfriends bras. Then I made matching panties. One day my niece said to me “You should sell on Etsy!” And here I am! 🙂

Now I make Lingerie, Swimwear, Bras and Panties.
I want to add a men’s line.
I want to add a new Etsy Store with clothing, womens dresses, coats, skirts, pants etc. etc
I want to quit my day job and become a full time Etsy seller.
Selling my beautiful OOAK creations!
I love when people email me their compliments.
I love making and creating beautiful unique things!
The part I love most is, the things I have created are going all over the world!”

Here is a sampling of the gorgeous lingerie that Ruth has for sale in her shop. Please consider Voluptuously Hip for your honeymoon lingerie! Remember, Ruth can make one of a kind unique to you lingerie and swimwear that you won’t find on anyone else.

Now for the weekly roundup from the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

‘Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team: Latest and Greatest Week of 8/18/12’ by ravengrrl

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