Daily Archives: August 8, 2012

Steampunk Week: Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration

On today’s Wedding Wednesday, I got a bit creative with the layout of the inspiration board. I’m curious as to what you all think. Do you like this sort of a format or do you prefer the formats I’ve used in the past? Leave me a comment with your opinion or drop me a line: bellememorieco@gmail.com.

For today’s inspiration, I found some seriously cool bridal accessories and an amazing dirigible cake. Seriously, those shoes just about make me swoon! If you’re considering a Steampunk wedding, consider a loft/warehouse type venue. It will give your fete a bit of an industrial feel and will put a big exclamation point on your Steampunk design. How about a wishing tree made of metal branches and tags in the shape of cogs, washers, bolts, etc. for your guests to write their well wishes for you and your love? For the groom? Think Victorian ascots and cutaway coats or go literal with a bespoke Steampunk design (stay tuned for Friday’s Favorites for some great designs on this front). Keep your color palette neutral and ad bits of metallic accents for an authentic Steampunk vibe. Most of all? Have fun with this them and make it yours! I hope you enjoy the set.