Tips or Trends Tuesday: Whip that hair in to wedding-ready shape!

“You’re a wedding and event planner, what do you know about hair?” Well, my dear readers, my first dream in life was to be a top hair stylist. So, I did in fact go to cosmetology school and combine that with 22 years of processing my hair, I’ve also picked up a lot of tips along the way.

When it comes to wedding hair, I’m one of the “I’m growing it out” folk. Others already have long locks (jealous) and are good to go. Then, there are those who love their hair short and sassy and are keeping it that way. No matter which wedding hair camp you are in, you definitely want your hair to be at it’s best for your big day. Pre-wedding hair prep is a must to ensure your locks make wedding photo magic. Think of it like giving an artist a lovingly prepared canvas as opposed to a piece of sketch paper ripped out of a kids grocery store sketch pad.



How does one start the hair transformation? Step one: DIET. No, not starving yourself or eating gallons of cabbage soup…it’s about what you eat. Hair is essentially dead protein, so increasing your protein intake is key. Then, there is supplementation: gelatin for strength, silica for strength and repair, biotin for growth, and a full chain of amino acids.

Next, cut your hair. WHAT?!? Yep, to keep your ends healthy, you need to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis as it’s growing out. How often depends on the condition of your hair. So, see a well qualified stylist and follow his or her recommendations.

Then, talk to said stylist about hair care products specifically designed for your hair type and/or for those growing out your hair. Also, consider in-salon treatments such as keratin treatments and Nanomax (uses steam on dry hair to restore the amount of moisture in your hair to optimum levels). At-home treatments such as hair masks and leave-in conditioning treatments can do wonders for your hair as well. My fave is Morrocanoil.

Finally, be gentle with your hair. Stop brushing your hair to death and never ever brush wet hair. To do so is asking for breakage. Get yourself a wide tooth comb for taking care of wet hair. Take a break from your blow-dryer and other heat styling tools. When you plan to heat style, use a heat protector such as a spray or gel to prevent damage.

Following these tips and those of your stylist will make for a seriously great hair day on your special day!

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