Stunner Thursday: Put a little sparkle in to your ensemble…glitter!

Today’s Stunner Thursday is all about adding a bit of glitter in to your bridal ensemble. The perfect way to do it? Glitter is perfect for your shoes and your mani. It’s suggested to steer clear of glitter when it comes to your make up as it doesn’t photograph correctly. Instead of beautiful sparkles, the glitter reflects the light and shows up as tiny white spots. Who wants that all over your face? Yep, no one.

So, if you are looking to add sparkle, keep it to your shoes and nails, which won’t alter your appearance. Here are some fun shoes and manis to help you get your sparkle on the right way!

Glitter Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood high heels

Jimmy Choo high heels

Jerome Rousseau glitter pumps

Jimmy choo shoes

Dsquared leather shoes
$565 –

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Melissa flat
$100 –

Glitter shoes

High heels

Glitter shoes

Solid border

Glitter Mani

Nail treatment

Nail care

Nail treatment

Beauty product

Nail polish


Glitter Add On

Solid border

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