Stunner Thursday: Statement Belts

Bridal belts…more than being a growing trend, are a great way for a bride that wants a bit of embellishment rather than an all over statement. Me, I’m one of those all over embellishment types, but as you can see from the samples below, a bridal belt (also called a sash) can be a wow statement in and of itself.

What’s so great about bridal belts? Well, they are probably the one accessory that any body type can wear. The folks over at Those Graces have a great bit on wearing a bridal belt for your body type: 6 ways to Wear the Embellished Bridal Sash. For those who want to inject a bit of color in to their bridal ensemble, a belt/sash is a perfect way to do that without an all over color look.

In addition, one can take a simple dress or even a reused dress and make it your very own be it a family heirloom or a great thrift store find. I’ll be posting some great Etsy shops that can help you not only with fabulous and unique belts/sashes, but that can make a one of a kind creation just for you.

Take a peek at these amazing statement belts. Which one is your favorite?

Bridal Statment Belts

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