Tips or Trends Tuesday: Gold, straight from the runway

In taking a peek at the latest haute couture creations debuted at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week from last week, a fabulous color trend emerged: gold. From 24 karat bright to 10 karat muted shades, gold turned up on nearly every runway.

Haute Couture Paris 2013- Gold Trend

With the growing trend of non-white/ivory bridal gowns, I definitely believe that the gold trend spotted in Paris will soon be influencing the world of bridal in a big way next season. Choosing what you will wear to the biggest party you are likely throw in your lifetime requires a dress you will love and that will take your soon to be spouse’s breath away. A gold gown is a very bold choice in terms of what many expect to see coming down the aisle and if these golden dresses speak to you, go for it!

Gold Wedding Dresses

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Are you considering a gold wedding dresses? If so, I’d love for you to share pics or links.

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