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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Heirloom Jewelry

Welcome to Tips or Trends Tuesday! I hope the beginning of your week is going well. Me, I have some sort of stomach cootie, but am blessed that Mr. Wondermous is able to stay home today and take care of the kiddo while I rest.

Trending? Heirloom jewelry as wedding accents. Whether you are using family heirloom jewelry from your own family or are creating a new heirloom to pass down to your children, there are some great ways to incorporate them in to your special day.

I for one will attest to how special you feel when you carry those pieces of family history along with you down the aisle. My engagement and wedding band were my mothers and when my dad gave them to me, I was touched more than my feeble vocabulary could say. Every day I get to have a piece of my amazingly wonderful mother with me by my side and in some spiritual way, have her with me as I plan my own wedding. In addition to my wedding set, I will be wearing an emerald statement ring that was my mother’s on my right hand and incorporating several cameos from both sides of my family in to my bouquet. It’s my way of honoring my family tradition and having those who have passed on close to me as I marry my true soul mate.

Here below are some great ideas for incorporating your heirloom jewelry in to your wedding. My favorite? The bling on the dog collar. SO cute! How do you plan to incorporate your heirloom jewelry or family traditions in to your wedding? Take care all!

wedding heirloom jewelry