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Monday’s Finding: Steampunk Wedding Attire

Over the past few years, a subculture that began in the 80s has made it’s way in to the main: Steampunk. What is Steampunk? Steampunk as an aesthetic (for our purposes here) that combines influences of Victorian fashion, science fiction, fantasy, and a setting where steam powered gadgets and whatnot are brought together to create a Jules Verne and Wild Wild West world of fancy. In the past couple of years, this aesthetic has taken off and has become it’s own unique subculture that often sits alongside the gothic subculture. It’s fantastical whimsy at its finest: gears, goggles, leather, petticoats, waistcoats, and cravats all with an ode to mechanized gadgetry.

Here’s a glimpse in to the Steampunk world:

Isn’t it fabulous!?!

Steampunk aesthetic has definitely wound (lol…pun intended) it’s way in to the wedding world. With more couples basing their nuptials on who they are and what they love together rather than what has been prescribed to them for so long, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this collection of Steampunk wedding attire for both the feminine and masculine folk. I hope you enjoy and remember that it’s YOUR wedding. So, make it your way!

Steampunk 1

$895 – weddingdressfantasy.com

Red dress
$865 – etsy.com

2 piece dress
$800 – etsy.com

Corset gown
£350 – etsy.com

Knee length black skirt
$950 – etsy.com

Steampunk Wedding 2

Bridal dress
$998 – etsy.com

White Steam full outfit
$600 – steampunkcouture.com

£70 – lovechildboudoir.com

Steampunk Wedding
$43 – clockworkcouture.com

Black dress


Steampunk Wedding 3

Tuxedo vest
$795 – etsy.com

Vinyl coat
$139 – clockworkcouture.com

Step In Time Steampunk Tailcoat
$131 – clockworkcouture.com

Sherlock tailcoat
$299 – steampunkcouture.com