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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Handmade Invitations

Whether you DIY it or let someone else do the design, handmade invitations are a definite trend. Three dimensional embellishments, hand embroidery, rustic papers, and inventive presentation are tops on the handmade list.

Finding an invitation to carry through your theme or if you just want something out of the ordinary can be a bit daunting in the sea of pre-made invites. Your invitation is the first impression of the theme and formality of the occasion that your guests will receive. If you’re like me, you want your special touch to be on every aspect of your wedding and many of the options available in machine made invites just can’t capture the vision you wish to put forth to your guests. So, why not take the vision you have in your head and create it yourself, have a paperie artist do it for you, or embellish pre-made invites with a touch of handmade goodness?

Whatever you choose, keep true to your vision and what speaks to you. See you tomorrow!

Paperie Artists creating some amazing invites for the DIY look without the Y:
The Petal Press
Passion Paper
Erickson Design
Shabby Scrap (One of my personal faves)
Blue Jardin
Anticipation Studios

Here are a few tutorials and an inspiration board to spark your DIY creativity:
Pocket invitation
Rubber Stamps
Doily lined envelopes
Ribbon and rose embellishment
Fabulous Papers and 3D embellishment
Sewing machine
Wax seal belly band
Embellished letterpress

Trend: Handmade Invitations