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Wedding Wednesday: Pastel Goth Inspiration

Welcome to “This Old Goth,” where this old goth…me…just discovered a new genre in the goth scene. Now, yesterday I was sitting around on Facebook, chatting it up with some of the Denver community’s “baby bats,” (young goths) about what’s new in the scene as I am sometimes physically unable to go and get my dance on. One of them mentioned the rise of “pastel goths.” Although this was an online conversation, I swear I could feel a collective ripple in the gothic space time continuum. Old goths everywhere clutched their hearts as the collective pool of black eyeliner ran down the eyes of the traditional goth scene. As an “elder” (according to the baby bats…thanks kids for making me feel old before my time), they wanted to know what I thought of this new branch of gothdom. Apparently some of them have got in to heated conversations over trying to play, “gothier than thou.”

In my opinion, this newish branch of the goth community is a-ok. Who cares if baby pink enters your wardrobe along with your black patent leather? We are all freaks in our own ways and I think we should respect the aesthetic of others…goth or not. I spent way too much time in my life working to please the status quo (there’s nothing wrong with the status quo). If everyone was allowed to be who they are inside and reflect that on the outside, what a fabulous world it would be! Be you in all of it’s authenticity be it a classic ballroom bride or a pastel goth bride in 5″ pink platform boots. Just be YOU!

So, today you will see two boards. The first one gives you an idea of what pastel goth is about and the other is my inspiration board for a couple wanting a more formal pastel goth look to their wedding (I LOVE the Corpse Bride cake by aptronym). It’s your day and just like at that hamburger place, you should have it your way!

Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth Wedding