Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Statement Bags

Hello all. Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday is all about adding a bit more WOW! to your bridal ensemble. When I say “bridal purse,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? I remember back in 1998 when I was getting married, that the bags available for brides was all things ordinary and closed with a drawstring. If you’re anything like me, that image of a “bridal purse” that first comes to mind, would look like this:

I know, it’s all sorts of ordinary and quite honestly, isn’t doing your bridal wear any favors. Thankfully, today’s bride’s have a myriad of options. With those options comes everything from clutches to purses and all things in between. From frothy chiffon flowers to blingtastic clam shell closures, I’m SO glad the fashion industry has taken bags to a whole new level.

With the trend in bridal statement shoes, I believe that we will soon see a rise in the bridal statement bag trend. On the various boards (such as Wedding Bee and The Knot), brides are definitely talking about how to add an extra layer of “Wow!” to their ensembles. One bride I came across is skipping the traditional bouquet and going all out on a statement bag. What a great idea!

So, here are some of my favorite statement bags I have come across recently. From traditional white and ivory, to metallics, and bling encrusted clam shells, I hope these bits of loveliness will inspire you to take a step away from the typical drawstring pouch and add a huge bit of your personality and aesthetic to your bridal bag.

statement clutches

Nancy Gonzalez crocodile clutch
$995 –

Sondra Roberts metallic bag
$158 –

Julia Cocco clutch handbag
$149 –

Crystal Ballroom
$218 –

Silver handbag

Small handbag

Texas Clutch

SHERRI WEESE DESIGNS: designer handbags

Solid border

Statement clutches- Metallic and Black

Alexander McQueen floral clutch
$2,048 –

Edie Parker box clutch
$1,095 –

Elie Saab crystal handbag
£1,033 –

BAGTERIA sequin bag
£460 –

Black clutch
$40 –

$1,300 –

$262 –

Mercury Rising
$218 –


Gold handbag

SHERRI WEESE DESIGNS: designer handbags

Solid border

Statement bags: Color

Forzieri jeweled clutch
$1,190 –

Charlotte Olympia clear handbag
$995 –

Gucci clutch
£578 –

Clutch handbag
$550 –

SERPUI MARIE straw clutch
$195 –

Santi sequin handbag
$185 –

Evening bags clutch
$19 –



Solid border


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