Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Reception and Wrap Up

Welcome to the final post of Tana Marie and Bear’s pirate themed wedding. Here is where the party starts: the reception!

Mr. and Mrs. Gosnell and their first dance as husband and wife.

Reception decor: We decided to split the tables up and have ships (donated by a family member) on some, and treasure boxes on the other. Each table had a distressed sugar skull. In addition to what you see here, we had wrought iron candle stands as well as bits of silver and brass trays, sand covered table “number” with flags of historical pirates, and of course, votives. The quilt makes a second appearance as decor over by the buffet. The trunk with the escort cards comes from Bear’s family and was first carried by his Great great uncle in WWI. The table “numbers” were named for real historical pirates and their flags served as symbols to find your table by. The sweetheart table is one of my favorite ones I’ve ever done. The gorgeous cake was from Das Meyer Pastry Chalet. You gotta love a baker who makes his own butter!

Mother/Daughter dance and toasts.

Garter and bouquet toss.

Signing the marriage license and Tana getting at Bear’s leaky eyes.

In case you ever wonder if a photo booth is worth the extra money…check this out. Thanks Iconic Photo Booth!

Neal and Judy of Iconic Photo Booth

Me: You guys chose to have a photo booth, which is a huge wedding trend right now. What was your guests reactions and do you think it was worth the $?
Bear: “As soon as the evening got moving, that photo booth was the hot spot all damn night long. Worth the money? Worth every last penny, for sure.”
Tana Marie: “The guests absolutely loved it! It was visited over 120 times, and it was the best money we spent! I was in there many times myself, since I have a love for photos. I wanted to treat the guests to something that they may have never seen at a wedding. I know I have never seen it. I look forward to when I may be able to book Iconic Photo booths again for an event. They did such a great job and made us a beautiful scrapbook with photos and loving words shared by guests. It was totally worth the money and I couldn’t imagine the event without it!”

This is my family that I have told you so much about. People call us “The Bear Clan.” We are full of love, laughter, and as you can see by the pic below…WE ROCK!

This is what happens when the DJ plays Pantera as we are taking a family pic. As Bear and Tana would say, “this is how we roll.”

Thanks for indulging me in sharing a great many pictures of a couple near and dear to my heart. It was my honor to have my last event before my retirement be for two of the people I love most in the world. Making them happy and their wedding dreams come true is all I could ask for. 🙂

Credit: All photos (except for photo booth) by Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography.

2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Reception and Wrap Up

  1. This was a great way to go through pictures and explanations of Tana Marie and Bear’s Wedding. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share it with us. My daughter’s wedding was the most beautiful and fun wedding I have ever been to. Yes I’m prejudice, but it is the truth. Is there a way this can be put into a book form? Thank you…Tana’s Mom

    • Barb, if you click on the pic collages, you can grab them in their original size and they can be printed for a scrapbook or sent to a place like WOLF Camera or Snapfish to print a book (Eric has provided a copyright release for Tana Marie and Bear to be used by them and family- Note dear readers: this does not mean you can poach these pics, they are the work of Eric Murphy as photographer and myself as designer). You are more than welcome to cut and paste my narrations if you’d like. It was a labor of love for my family and I’m glad everyone had such a great time!

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