Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Pre-Ceremony

Happy Wednesday! I’m super excited to be bringing you a real wedding today! It’s a wedding near and dear to my heart as it’s not only one I planned, but one I planned for family. The groom is my ex-husband as well as dear friend and most especially the awesome father of our kiddo. The bride has become my “sister from another mister” and all around good friend.

Tana Marie and Bear met three years ago at a theme party. I remember Bear telling me about this beautiful woman he met and whether he should ask her out. However, before he asked Tana Marie out on a date, he asked her mom whether it was okay or not. Bear is just that sort of gentleman. When he got in touch with Tana Marie, she was feeling pretty sick. So, instead of a “let’s do this another time,” Bear headed down to Denver to make soup and take care of her. Quite a sweet first date if you ask me.

A few months later and Bear and Tana Marie were engaged. They decided to go with a theme wedding and as my long-time readers know, I love planning theme weddings. For me, it’s taking a theme and carrying it out in an elevated aesthetic rather than going for expected kitsch. Tana Marie and Bear decided on a pirate theme wedding. Pirates in Colorado? Yep, you betcha.

Me: Why did you go with a pirates and fairies wedding theme?
Bear: “We met at a pirate party. The first Mayhem party actually. The fairies…no damn clue…lol.”
Tana Marie: Bear and I met at a pirate themed party, and I was dressed as a “Dark Tinkerbell.” My mother actually suggested the idea, and it was an excellent one! The guests were encouraged to dress in pirate garb and quite a few did! I wanted my flower fairy girls in wings in remembrance of my costume the night we first met: The pirate quartermaster meeting his soulmate.” (Mayhem was a group of friends who got together for parties, camping, and whatnot.)

We began to carry the pirate theme through in the design of their monogram…

…and their invitations:

The groom and groomsmen’s ties from Rok Gear:

A beautiful mermaid to greet guests and hand out programs:

Lots of bridal bling (with mom’s assistance of course):

…and Bridesmaid jewelry from Cinsational Baubles. I love the pre-ceremony smooch between my kiddo and his new stepmom:

This could very well be one of the cutest first looks ever! Only Tana Marie’s Mom, myself, the videographer, and photographer were present. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I totally teared up with joy. There is no doubt about it, Tana Marie and Bear are truly, madly, and deeply in love!

Me: What was each of your experience with your “first look?”
Bear: “I think it’s the best way to go for any wedding, you relax and calm yourselves. Seeing Tana in that dress was beyond words, Goddess-like does not do it justice. Still thinking about that moment makes me emotional…ok…move on now…lol.”
Tana Marie: “I remember waiting with anticipation to see his reaction as he opened his eyes and saw me for the first time all dressed up. Bear picked out my dress, seeing it in ivory at the store. I love that he was the one who picked it. 🙂 He never saw me in the red dress ’till that moment, and when I saw his face and the love it showed, it made my heart melt. He looked absolutely handsome in his tux! It is a moment I will never forget.”

Me: Would you recommend a “first look” to other brides and grooms?
Bear: “Oh hell yeah!!!!!”
Tana Marie: “Highly! You have that moment where it feels like it is only the two of you there and you feel complete. At last it was for myself.”

Stay tuned for parts 2-4 throughout the day. I couldn’t resist posting a good deal of pics…after all, it’s my family! 🙂

Credit: All photos except for the picture of the Washington Park Boathouse on Smith Lake by Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography. Photo of Washington Park Boathouse on Smith Lake by Suzy Guese.

2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Pre-Ceremony

  1. Sandra Sherman

    Wow, wonderful pictures. Such a lovely wedding.=Sandy

  2. FYI, the pearls that Tana Marie wore, were my mother’s her grandmother’s, and it has become a tradition in my family that a bride wears them on her wedding day. It is just one of those special moments between a mother and daughter that can never be forgotten. Thank you Kristen, for helping make my baby girls big day the best it could be. Barbara (Tana’s mom, and new Commander Grandma).

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