Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Formal Pics

Here we are at the formal and as you will see at the end, not so formal pictures. Speaking from personal experience, Tana Marie and Bear’s friends and family are full of love, light, and laughter and these pics speak to that. We had a great time!

Me: What was your favorite moment of the day?
Bear: “A couple of things really touched me. 1. That first look between Tana and I. 2. Hanging out with my guys prior to coming up to the venue. 3. Seeing my little boy all dressed up.”

Here’s an awesome pic of our kiddo all dressed up for Daddy’s wedding:

Tana Marie: I have a few, getting in my dress and then having my great uncle, Paul, come down to give me my great grandma’s ring to borrow for the day, seeing the whole bridal party all dressed up, having my mom put my grandma’s pearls on me and the emotions with my family, seeing Bear for the first time and the utter look of love in his eyes, having my Grandma and Grandpa Sjoquist there and that my grandpa had an eye patch on then to have them both walking me half way down the aisle, then having my mom and uncle walk me the rest of the way down on a path of petals barefooted and seeing all the smiling faces of family and friends looking back, saying my vows to Bear and oath to Domi, hearing everyone in the boathouse hail Bear and I during the passing of the horn with the bridal party and the energy and love I felt, the electricity from our first kiss and the passion behind it, the anticipation of being pronounced husband and wife then when it finally came, our first dance, and the hotel at the end of the evening, just to name a few. It’s so hard to have just one when the whole day was wonderful.”

I just have to point out how cute my son and his best buddy, Ronan are in their wee tuxes. This was definitely the largest wedding party I’ve ever worked with.

I love this pic of Tana Marie and her mom, not to mention the great pic of Tana Marie and Bear with Tana Marie’s family. Definitely a loving family oriented vibe to the day.

Gorgeous bridal party and Tana Marie with her Maids/Matron of Honor.

Every wedding album needs a bit of levity.

Thanks for hanging in there and stay tuned for the final post of Tana Marie and Bear’s pirate themed celebration.

Credit: All photos by Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography.

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