Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding: Tana Marie and Bear’s Pirate Themed Fete: Ceremony

Hello again! Tana Marie and Bear’s ceremony was beautiful and full of traditions based on their spiritual practice. To learn more about them and what you see in the pictures, here is a really good link.

This first set is their altar. In addition to seaworthy bits and bobs, you will see some very important parts to an Asatru wedding: a bottle of mead (honey wine) and horn for toasting, a large Thor’s hammer with which to bless the couple, as well as jewelry (a Thor’s hammer and a Valknut (a symbol of Odin).

Tana Marie and Bear also incorporated family heirlooms and a memorial for Bear’s mother and Tana Marie’s Grandmother by placing a yellow rose for each of them on empty chairs. If you look closely at Tana Marie’s bouquet, you will see a little charm bottle, which contained her grandmother’s ashes. The onyx ring is also a family heirloom of Tana Marie’s. Bear and Dominic each wore a piece of Bear’s mother’s jewelry (chains) to honor her. The quilt was made by Tana Marie’s mom and family just for this occasion.

Me: Tana, you got a big surprise from your uncle, what was it and what was your initial reaction?
Tana Marie: My Grandpa and Grandma Sjoquist were there. I haven’t seen them in over five years and I have no words to describe how happy I was that they were to be there for me on my big day, especially after the horribly thing my father and his children from his current wife did to me a little over a month before. It was amazing to see how much fun they had and the help they offered, and that they loved me, Bear, and Domi. I have to say that it was the best gift to have them there and to hug them both.

Tana Marie’s grandparents walked her part way down the aisle and then her mom, Barbara, and her uncle, Brent walked her the rest of the way.

Bear and Tana Marie’s officiants were their gothi (priest), Magni Thorsson and their gythia (priestess), Bethany McCauslin. You’ll see from the faces of the wedding party that while the ceremony was full of serious traditon, it was also full of love and humor.

Here are Tana Marie, Bear, and our son, Dominic, making oaths to Domi on an oath ring. The oath was witnessed by all present and is taken quite seriously. In addition, you will see a ring of keys and a sword. The keys are given to the bride as a symbol of her responsibility for the home and its finances. The sword is presented to the groom and symbolizes of his responsibility to protect the family and home.

The blessing of the couple and the pouring of mead in to the horn by the gythia.

Rings and the binding of wrists.

Presentation of Mr. and Mrs. and THE kiss.

Stay tuned for part three coming up in the next hour!

Credit: All photos by Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography.

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