Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Get your game on!

Good morning all! Here in America, yesterday was Memorial Day. My fiance, son, and me visited our local cemetery to place pennies on the graves of those who served in our country’s military. Why pennies? It’s an old tradition in which you not only pay your respects to the deceased, but to let the loved ones of the deceased know that their loved one was visited. My kiddo decided he wanted to use his pennies instead of Mom giving some to him, a very sweet gesture I think. Here are a couple of pics from our day:

Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday brings us a fun reception trend: lawn games. Gone are the days of guests sitting ’round their assigned tables waiting until the dancing is over to get to the cake cutting. Many guests don’t dance. It’s just not their thing. What to do when your crowd isn’t in to dancing? Games!

If your venue has a bit of lawn to utilize, I highly recommend the purchase, rental, or making of lawn games, board games, or even ridiculously over sized game classics. Mr. Wondermous and myself will definitely be using riding the game trend. While I am a dancing fool, Mr. Wondermous isn’t so enthused with hours of forced dancing as well as many of our guests. Why hearken back to the old days when you placated your guests with Jordan Almonds whilst they wait out the dancing in anticipation of the cake when you can have a great time playing giant Jenga? Trust me, skip the dental emergency inducing confections and go for the ginormous Connect Four.

Here are some great lawn game ideas for your reception. If you are considering having games at your fete, what are your faves?

Top to bottom l to r: croquet, ring toss, corn hole, giant jenga, skittles, Rock Band video game set up

wedding games 1

Top to bottom l to r: badminton, bocce ball, connect four, lawn golf, checkers, horseshoes

wedding games 2

Stay tuned tomorrow for an awesome real wedding!

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