Celebrating World Goth Day: Flowers and Bouquets

Morning all! Tips or Trends Tuesday is taking a break for today in order for this old goth to celebrate World Goth Day. “World Goth Day is exactly what it says on the wrapper-a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world. This day falls on 22nd May of every year.” -http://www.worldgothday.com/

We start today with flowers and bouquets. If you are looking for black fresh flowers to use for your goth wedding, here are 12 to get you started on your search and to show to your florist. There are very few truly black flowers. Many are very dark red and purples. So, keep this in mind when you are working with your florist or floral designer.

In addition to fresh black flowers, I have a great group of goth and goth inspired bridal bouquet selections that are sure to inspire your dark fete.

Stay tuned as there is more to come on the blog today!

Here’s a hilarious pic of myself and my fiance at Huntington Beach in CA last year. Two old goths braving the sunlight at the beach…lol.

Real Black or Nearly Black Flowers
l to r and top to bottom: Black Iris, Landini lilies, Black Calla, Black Diamond Orchid, Black Pansies, Black Scabiosa, Black Hellbore, Black Bachelor Buttons, Black Hollyhocks, Black Parrot Tulip, and Black Bat Orchid.

Black Flowers

The Everyday Goth: Goth Garden Guide

My Fortress…

baba.yaga: black flowers

baba.yaga: black flowers

black flowers

No Regrets: August 2009

Goth Bouquets

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