Monday’s Finding: Burlap and Lace

Monday, Monday…

I hope all of you moms had a great Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was lovely: a great gift from my kiddo- a HUGE decorated coffee cup (it’s literally almost as big as my head), brunch with the family, and my fiance got me a great gift as well. I wish my mom could have been there to celebrate with us, but I know she popped down from heaven for a bit to be there in spirit.

Today’s Monday’s Finding comes once again from Pinterest and is a decor combination that I just love: burlap and lace. It works for both rustic and vintage fetes and the look of something delicate paired with something rough. It’s a combination I am using for my own wedding next year and I hope these finds spark a little wedding decor creativity for you.

Burlap and Lace

One response to “Monday’s Finding: Burlap and Lace

  1. The combination I love. Burlap and lace. Beautiful.

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