Slight Change of Plans: Marriage Equality and a Sunshine Filled Shabby Chic Board

Last night as I stayed up awaiting the results of Colorado’s Senate Bill 2 aka Civil Union Act, I tried to maintain a glimmer of hope that it would pass. However, conservative members of the House did their best to filibuster the bill and unfortunately at 11:00 pm both parties announced that the bill was dead and they had reached an impasse. I’m angry and heartbroken all at the same time. Angry that “the Republican leadership called the recess after Democrats and two members of the Republican caucus formed an effective majority, and offered a motion to halt a Republican filibuster in order to force a debate on the bill.” - Brokenhearted for my friends and loved ones who are unable to declare their love and commitment in an equal fashion as a heterosexual couple.

In this country, we have a constitutional separation of church and state. Unfortunately, there are many in our government and our country who choose to ignore it and force their religious definitions of marriage on the rest of us. In my opinion, when governments started charging to marry, the religious notion of marriage no longer applied. However, we have many in this country who ignore equal protection under the law and the separation of church and state. Why should you care who someone marries?

My disappointment and anger over this issue almost prompted me to make the blog black today and not post the board I worked on last week. It just so happens that my inspiration board, has a picture of two gorgeous brides. I had not planned on making an issue of it, just publishing a yellow shabby chic wedding inspiration board that just happened to have a same sex couple in it. However, I realized that today I could stand in support of the GLBTIQ community and demand EQUALITY!

Here is a link to prior posts on marriage equality, which include links to marriage equality statements that you can include in your programs or have read at your own wedding.

Today I stand with my GLBTIQ community and demand equality! Demand the separation of church and state! Demand that our government provide equal protection under the law!

With that said, here is the inspiration board I planned for today. It’s not a political statement and was never intended to be so. In my opinion, marriage is marriage and there wasn’t a need to make a special point that instead of one bride and a groom, I chose to include a pic of two brides. LOVE IS LOVE!

Wedding Wednesday Yellow Shabby Chic

One response to “Slight Change of Plans: Marriage Equality and a Sunshine Filled Shabby Chic Board

  1. Wonderful Board as always and an important message to. Thank you so sharing. LOVE is LOVE

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