Etsy Virtual Bridal Show: Day 13, Clutches, Purses, and Handbags…Oh my!

Today’s Etsy Virtual Bridal Show post is all about that often overlooked, yet important accessory in your bridal ensemble: the purse. After you’ve spent so much time and effort on your bridal wear, veil, mani-pedi, etc. splurge a little and put your everyday hobo bag away and get yourself that extra little touch that will punctuate your bridal attire. Here are some wicked gorgeous offerings from the team and below you will also find links to our giveaways…More to come this week!

I began the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show last year to support individual artisans and vendors and to provide couples with alternatives to the mass produced wedding finds out there is traditional stores. The bridal world is evolving and growing away from the expected and moving toward individual craftsmanship and DIY touches. What’s great about Etsy is that you too can have a handmade look to your wedding without sacrificing your fingerprints to your hot glue gun.

In addition to helping individually owned shops, I wanted to bring awareness to my chosen charity: Wish Upon A Wedding. “Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. Often, couples facing such situations do not have the energy, time, money, or resources needed to plan their wedding. Our organization takes care of all the details, offering couples a chance to relax and enjoy a very special day while surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends.”

Please note that donations are not required to view or for vendors participate in the show. This is my labor of love to bring awareness to Wish Upon A Wedding and my belief in supporting small businesses and individual artisans. If you feel led to help Wish Upon A Wedding accomplish their mission, please see Wish Upon A Wedding’s donation page.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
While I am a volunteer with Wish Upon a Wedding, Belle Memorie is not an official representative of Wish Upon a Wedding. In addition, Belle Memorie is not an official representative of Etsy or the vendors featured in the show. I have sought permission from each and every vendor featured to use their products and their photos. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. These products are the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of each artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both illegal and unethical.

Enter our giveaways (Deadline is 4/21):

American Purse Supplies

Belle Fiore

Bling Soul

Floral Nouveau

Heidi Creations

Hopscotch Couture

Lena Kanter: Moro Design

Marie’s Corner

Mermaid’s Dream





Sherri Weese Designs

Sol Bijou

3 responses to “Etsy Virtual Bridal Show: Day 13, Clutches, Purses, and Handbags…Oh my!

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  2. This is very, very beautiful!

  3. Yes, nice information in your blog , Mostly girls like Silver Clutch.

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