Theme Thursday: Anglophile Wedding Style

Are you attracted to English history, style and culture? Did you stay up all hours like I did for the wedding of the now Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge? I blogged events as they happened and had the highest views on the blog ever (come back all of you!). My inner Anglophile comes out when it has to do with three things: Queen Elizabeth I (who executed my distant cousin Mary Queen of Scots!); anything Victorian (Tea? Yes please!), and most of all anything to do with Jane Austen. I know for some of you this will cause a WTF moment as you know me for being an old goth (I should get my own TV show, “This Old Goth”) Yes, that’s part of what speaks to me, but there is also this frou frou Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy loving tea brewing weirdo who believes in my heart of hearts that Pride and Prejudice is the greatest book ever written. If you’ve seen Jemima Rooper in “Lost in Austen,” you’ll get an idea of my rabid love of not only Pride and Prejudice, but for all things Austen.

Today my amazing bolero jacket for my wedding next year arrived and it’s beyond awesome for mine and Mr. Wondermous’ Pride and Prejudice inspired fete. As a side note- A huge thank you to Maira Eaton of Etsy’s Chuletin Designs for such an amazing job! It fits perfectly and I can’t wait to show it off. The arrival of said jacket got me in a Jane Austen mood and I thought I’d use that mood to give fellow Anglophiles a bit of inspiration for their own weddings. Now, this is your tried and true Union Flag inspiration, but with a little twist in terms of the bride’s dress. I hope you enjoy! I’m gonna go put my jacket on again. 😉

Anglophile wedding


4 responses to “Theme Thursday: Anglophile Wedding Style

  1. Love it, love it, love it….Speechless!

  2. musingsofananglophile

    Reblogged this on Musings of an Anglophile.

  3. letterfrombritain

    There is nothing like the empire-style dressed they wore in Jane’s era, is there? I went to Austen’s house this Summer and it was filled with dresses, all in this soft cream muslin. Just gorgeous.

    Lovely union jack choices!

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