Theme Thursday: Retro Robots

Today’s Theme Thursday is a great theme for a little one (or little one at heart) who loves all things robot. Rather than and ultra commercial party whose job it is to promote movies and TV shows, why not go old school pre-moonlanding retro robot? Think of the vibrant color schemes of the 50s that mixed aqua and red. Throw a bit of yellow in there for a vibrant color palette sure to fuel the birthday kiddo’s excitement.

Looking for some party time activities? I know I mentioned a non-commercial robot theme, but the exception to the rule is “Robots,” an animated movie full of retro robot candy to get the kiddos in the robot creating spirit. Collect tin cans, bottle caps, yarn, pipe cleaner, sequins, and other assorted metal bits for the kids to make their very own robot bust to bring home. A tried and true kids party favorite: the bounce house gets an update with a super cool robot facade.

Here is a little inspiration board to assist you with planning your very own Retro Robot Party. Be sure to check out Partylicious on Etsy for the cutest pinatas around. You can find Partylicious’ robot pinata seen in the board here:

Take care and have a beautiful day!

Retro Robot Party Theme

3 responses to “Theme Thursday: Retro Robots

  1. I love it. I shared it in
    We would love to see the face of the Robot, Robot Child.

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