Monday’s Finding: Modest Wedding Gowns

Happy Monday! Yep, I know…grr.

Today’s Monday’s Finding came about as a search for wedding gowns on Etsy for the Second Annual Etsy Virtual Bridal Show (coming in March/April). I began to notice that modest gowns for Muslim, Mormon, Orthodox Judaism, and for those with a personal preference for more gown coverage were practically non-existent. In my search, I used the strictest modesty guidelines: no see through, elbows covered, no collarbone showing, and full lengths. I hope that some of my finds help you in your search for a gown that not only fits closely held modesty standards, but also inspires the dress of your dreams!

Modest 1

Modest 2

Modest 3

$669 –

Prom dress
$230 –

Wedding dress


One response to “Monday’s Finding: Modest Wedding Gowns

  1. For most brides, one of the primary duties in planning her wedding is finding the perfect gown. When you think you finally found “The Dress”, you then realize it is not that simple for you. It is because you are going to have a temple wedding and there are simple rules that you should follow, the traditional way.

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