Daily Archives: January 31, 2012

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Ribbon Details

Along with the DIY revolution in the wedding industry, comes great homespun easy to recreate decor. One of my favorite trends right now are ribbon details. It doesn’t take much in terms of skill to create a much of the great ribbon decor I’ve been seeing. Think of a variety of beautiful colors that correspond with your color scheme, varying widths, and long lengths that give your ribbon details depth and stray away from cookie cuter exactness. You can leave the ribbons plain, add flowers, or create striking bows. Here are a few of my favorite simple and elaborate ribbon decor ideas.

Simple Ribbon Decor

Elaborate Wedding Ribbon

Monday’s Finding: Playin Hookey…reason?

No post today as I was playing hookey. I have a really good reason though. My friend B’s goats had babies! I am a serious animal lover and couldn’t resists the call of baby goaties. So, B’s daughter (also a friend), my kiddo, and me headed up the mountain to Rollinsville to the ranch where we had a fun day feeding and snuggling the babies. The mama’s weren’t too keen on the babies, so they are being bottle fed. The cutest thing is that one of the dogs has taken to protecting and nurturing the baby goats. Such a fun day!