Wedding Wednesday: Color! Easy peasy color palettes for your big day

Back in my day (80s and 90s), the notion of a color palette for a wedding was pretty much non-existent. When someone asked you what your wedding colors were, the automatic answer always included white and one other color: green, blue, red, etc. I don’t ever remember anyone saying, “Aqua and melon” or “Sage, lilac, and silver.” Color fear ran a muck and the notion of utilizing a range of colors rarely ever crossed our minds. Thankfully in the 2000s, color permeates the wedding landscape with a multitude of brights, metallics, and barely there pastels.

So, how does one develop a color palette without an outdated cut and paste project of your favorite pics slapped on some good old fashioned notebook paper? Colour Lovers to the rescue! Colour lovers is an awesome resource for fresh new ready made color palettes for those of us who don’t know the difference between blush and bashful. However, my favorite tool on Colour Lovers has got to be PHOTOCOPA.

PHOTOCOPA allows you to upload your favorite photos and then creates a wide range of colors and shades taken from said photo. It allows you to drag and drop your faves in to a tray and makes an easy to share and print color palette. Say for instance you found a pic of a gorgeous bouquet that captures your color choices perfectly. Just go to PHOTOCOPA, upload the pic or provide the URL for the pic. PHOTOCOPA then takes all of the colors in the photo and makes them in to cute little squares in a wide range of hues. You decide which ones speak to you most and drag and drop them in to a little virtual tray. Finally, save and publish your palette and you have a great neatly done color palette to share with your florists, bridesmaid dress shops, cake designer, etc. all without a cumbersome cut and paste project taking up room in your Trapper Keeper.

Listed below are some favorite wedding related pics of mine and the color palettes I created using PHOTOCOPA. Go forth and create your color palette made all easy peasy by Color Lovers!


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