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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tip: I’m Engaged! Wediquette

From the moment you got engaged, you went immediately to Facebook and Twitter to share your news with the masses. You changed your relationship status on Facebook in less than an hour and wrote a note to let folks know all of the details of your proposal. Then, you tweeted via Instagram a pic of your beautiful engagement ring. Hold the phone! Or, in this case, hold the keyboard!

Before shouting from the rooftops, take a step back and think of who you have or have not notified about your changed status. How would your parents or bestie feel about hearing the joyous news in an impersonal status message? Methinks it would be a bit disheartening for them and in all honesty, a bit hurtful too. Such news requires the personal touch. If your parents and loved ones are close by, see if you can stop by to give them the happy news. If not, pick up the phone and tell them with your own voice. On this occasion, texts, tweets, or status updates will not do!

Once those closest to you are informed, then announce it to the rest of the world. Tweet away! Create a wedding website. For a taste of nostalgia, send out formal engagement announcements if you’d like. Never, ever, ever, announce such momentous news in any sort of digital or online method until all of the parents, siblings, closest friends, etc. have had that personal visit or phone call. Weddings are a time when emotions are heightened and even what may seem like a little oversight can become a source of strife. Believe me, such an impersonal announcement can rock the boat and put you in a very awkward position.

If you are recently engaged, I wish you the best and much happiness!

Below is a board of a few of my favorite engagement announcement ideas:
Origami announcement, Candyland electronic announcement (a very cool online announcement that chronicles the events leading up to the engagement of the couple, heart cake: fun way to announce an engagement at a family event or party, tying the knot card, fingerprint hearts, stick figure announcement (by http://jfphotography.deviantart.com), have custom wraps done for Hershey bars and bring them to a family/friend event, have your photographer snap a shot of you and your fiancee with signs: “I put a ring on it” and “I said Yes!”, put together or commission a comic strip or book of your lives together leading up to your engagement.

Engagment Announcements