Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Bouquet Alternatives Pt. 2

Today on Wedding Wednesday, we conclude our search for alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet by looking at bouquets made from non-floral elements. Many are looking to put their unique personal stamp on their weddings and from the decor to the bouquet, flowerless bouquets are becoming all the more popular. Take a peek at these amazing bouquets: fabric, button and felt, paper, feathers, brooch and crystal, as well as miscellaneous materials.

Fabric Bouquets

Button and Felt Bouquets

Paper Bridal Bouquets

Feather Bouquets

Brooch and Crystal Bouquets

Miscellaneous Materials Bridal Bouquet

tulle and ornament bouquet
white and navy bouquet
Buttons and Felt
yellow, blue and ivory bouquet
black and white bouquet
peach, pink, plum bouquet
purple embroidered felt bouquet
pink button bouquet
green and brown bouquet
ivory, yellow, and green bouquet
black and white bouquet
aqua and white bouquet
natural and brown bouquet
yellow bouquet
natural and aqua bouquet
purple and black bouquet
Brooch and Crystals
purple and gold bouquet
aqua, orange, and yellow bouquet

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