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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Bridal Bouquet Alternatives: Pt. 1

On today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday, I have some great bouquet alternatives that are growing in popularity and are expected to trend in a major way for 2012. If you just got engaged or are further along in your planning, but haven’t chosen a florist, you may want to consider either an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet.

We being our search for unique bouquet alternatives with forms that go beyond the ordinary. Tomorrow I will feature bouquets made from a variety of non-floral materials. Have a great day!

Unique Design Types
Glamelia aka Composite bouquet: A flower constructed of hundreds of real petals wired together to look like one enormous flower.
Biedermeier: “The biedermeier bouquet is European-influenced. The blooms are tightly-structured and carefully-arranged in defined circular patterns of different coloured flowers, each ring containing one type of flower.” -http://www.perfect-wedding-day.com/bridal-bouquet-types.html
Pomander aka Kissing Ball: A pomander bouquet is an arrangement of flowers in the shape of a ball and is typically carried with a ribbon attached to the ball.
Scepter: Looking to be queen for the day? Consider a scepter bouquet.
Bag bouquet: An arrangement of flowers in the shape of a handbag.

Glamelia (composite) bouquets

Biedermeyer Bouquets


Scepter bouquets

Yellow Bridal Bouquets

Pink Bridal Scepter

Purse Bouquets