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Monday’s Finding: Creative and whimsical escort card displays

To seat or not to seat? That is the question many face when planning a formal party, event, or wedding. Do you assign seats or leave seating open? In my opinion, assigned seating is a definite “do.” Open seating sounds great on the surface, but what typically ends up happening is guests who know one another congregate together and those who don’t know the other guests end up sitting alone. No matter what sort of sit down event you are putting together, it’s important to facilitate conversation. That is easily handled by assigning seating and putting tables together made up of folks with things in common, but may not know each other yet. By having assigned seating, you are keeping the party going and stimulating conversation.

So, if you have decided to assign seating, one major decor element would be an escort card table. Escort cards differ from place cards in that an escort card contains the name and table assignment for your guest and a place card is put at the seat where you want your guest to sit. Place cards are only necessary if you not only want to seat guests as particular tables, but also assign where they will sit at said table.

Escort card tables and displays are often the first decor element your guest will see prior to the start of an event or reception. It’s a statement and sneak peek as to what the rest of the event will hold and should be a reflection of the theme and style of the event. In my experience, it’s a way for you to wow your guests and make the transition from ceremony to the party (in the case for a wedding) or to help a guest make a transition from the outside world in to the temporary world you have created for them. Here are some creative and whimsical escort card displays you can use as inspiration for your own event or wedding:

Unique Escort Cards 1

Unique Escort Cards 2