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Wedding Wednesday: Dark Antoinette on Doing it BIG! Week

If there ever was an era that was all about “Doing it BIG!,” the Rococo era is it’s poster child. With its opulent decor and elaborate ornamentation, the Rococo period was an era of lighthearted themes and typically lighter saturated pastel colors such as in this painting by Francois Boucher:

Detail of "The Four Seasons, Autumn" by Francois Boucher

There is no greater icon of the late Rococo period than Marie Antoinette. When at court, Marie Antoinette donned some of the most elaborate gowns of this time period as well as her wigs and my personal favorite, her shoes. Here are some great examples of 18th century footwear similar to what Marie Antoinette might have worn:

Pic source: Victoriana Magazine

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is an inspiration board with a dark take on the Marie Antoinette aesthetic inspired by a satire piece by Philip Dawe; printed for John Bowles in 1773 (pictured below) and a gorgeous Rococo influenced ensemble by Vivienne Westwood. I hope you enjoy it and that you have a wonderful day!

Dark Antoinette