Monday’s Finding: Wedding Dresses for the Bravest of Brides

My apologies for today’s post being so late. I got the gift of respiratory cooties. No receipt…can’t return. 🙂 The theme for the blog this week, “Doing it BIG!” This week the blog will feature wedding dresses, themes, etc. that shout it out LOUD! With that said, on with the show and what a show it is!

Are you a more is more type of bride? Do you long to make a seriously bold statement as you walk down the aisle? Is the idea of merely turning heads just not quite enough? Then look out darling, because, “HERE COMES THE BRIDE!”

My favorite over the top, no holds barred designer has to be Zuhair Murad. His dresses are ever so couture and definitely editorial. Why not go further than a piece of statement jewelry and go full on amazing with on of Zuhair’s creations or any of the other creations you see below. Live it up and turn it out!

Bravest of Brides

Bravest of Brides 2

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