Monday’s Finding: Ugly Sweater Party

‘Tis that time of year when some sort of more is more trait takes over the minds of the masses and the urge to embellish every corner of the home with tinsel, every square foot of yard with plastic lawn thingies, and most frightening…clothing bedazzled with bits and bobs of the Winter holiday season. Today’s Monday’s Finding, a tongue in cheek ugly sweater party.

According to the Wall Street Journal, those tacky over the top holiday garments reached their peak in the 80s. Ugly Sweater parties are becoming all the rage after a few years of celebration by fashion conscious folk looking to celebrate the tackiness of these bizarre creations. Google “ugly sweater party,” and you are bound to find a multitude of sights dedicated solely to poke fun of garments that should have remained solely in the innocent childhoods of their wearers. Seriously, these things only look cute on a four-year-old.

Looking to get your ugly sweater celebration on? Here are some projects and inspiration to get a jump on next year’s holiday season:

DIY Crafting Projects
Ugly Sweater Holiday Trees:
Sweater Candle Holders:
Ugly Sweater Ornaments:

12 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters:

Inspiration Board Sources
Cupcake toppers:
Prize ribbons:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

‘Ugliest of the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party’ by ravengrrl

A collection of the ugliest of the ugly holiday themed sweaters. Perfect for your tongue in cheek holiday party.

Vintage Ugly CHRISTMAS Sweat…


1980’s Ugly Christmas Sw…


SALE Bold Blue ugly christma…


Ugly Christmas Sweater Vinta…


Ugly Christmas Sweater Card…


Poinsetta Ugly Christmas Swe…


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party…


Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Sw…


Snowman Penguins Zip Up Swea…


Santa Claus Presents Brown Z…


Ugly Christmas Jacket Sweate…


Ugly Sweater Vest – M


Santa Claus Sleigh w/Beads &…




Vintage Ugly BLING Massively…


SALE Red button up ugly Chri…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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