Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Spring Summer 2012 Colors

After every fall fashion week, the color experts at Pantone release their trending colors for the following Spring and Summer. If you are a couple looking for a color palette for your wedding or for your next event and want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and color theory, I highly recommend reading up on Pantone’s color trend reports for your color scheme. The pic below is Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2012 color trend predictions based on what they saw at Fashion Week. I have picked three of these colors and have provided you with little monochromatic inspiration boards to give your creativity a head start. Each one was searched via Google with the words “Pantone” and the respective color name. So, pick a favorite or two out of these colors and create your own little bits of inspiration.

Pantone Margarita

Pantone Bellflower

Pantone Driftwood