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Wedding Wednesday: Memento Mori Inspiration

It’s been a little bit since I have done an inspiration board for Wedding Wednesday. I’m really excited about this one as it speaks to my old gothic heart.

You gotta love "The Onion."

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is inspired by Victorian era mourning attire and most especially, memento mori (Latin: “remember you will die”). Memento mori are items such as jewelry, statuary, and art that are designed to remind one of the frailty of human life and to live this life to it’s fullest potential. We often vow to our love to love him or her “until death do us part,” so why not demonstrate that undying love with a bit of memento mori?

Art by Zerobriant: http://www.zerobriant.com/

Here is a bit of momento mori wedding inspiration for you followed by an Etsy treasury with some great items to supply you with a healthy reminder of your pledge to your betrothed.

Momento Mori Wedding

$35 – securedata.net

Wedding gown

Wedding shoes

my castle in spain: Memento mori !

folk reveries

21st Century Mason: July 2011