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Tips or Trends Tuesday: A bit of both: Bridesmaids

You’ve set a date, you’ve told your family, and you’ve asked those closest to you to stand by your side. How are you to pick an outfit for them? They have different body types, different personalities, and you don’t want to come across pics of your bridesmaids on some sort of “can you believe my friend made us wear this sad sack?” on Wedinator.

The very similar bridemaids dress- ours had two lace sleeves and ginormous butt bow that made us all look like, "WIDE LOAD."

This 80s Gunne Sax dress is the monstrosity my eldest sister and I were subjected to when our middle sister got married in 1988. Not only did we hate it, but I had some major bodice issues going on, especially when my middle sister insisted it be worn off-shoulder. My teenage bodacious tatas were on display for the whole world to see. You see, everyone else in the bridal party was a B cup or smaller, but I was a DD. I don’t know if the choice to put my rack on display for the groomsmen and the sailors in attendance at the reception location in the Cafe Del Rey Moro (Balboa Park, San Diego) was intentional, but it happened and I was very thankful my older sister was there to escort me about. “SHE’S ONLY 15!” Good times kids…and thanks to my sister, Sandy, for always having my back…or front in this case.

Well, a growing trend in maids attire just might keep the groans and moans of your bridesmaids at bay: no more matchy matchy sort of outfits. Many brides are giving their friends the freedom to break free from the age old cookie cutter look with allowing them to pick from any dress in one or two colors, several specific dresses in one color (this is what I am doing), or just show up as you are in a lovely frock of your choosing.

Concerned about how your pics will look? Take a gander at these maids and I beg you to consider the happiness you will be giving to your bridesmaids by letting them be free to pick a dress they love and that looks best on them.

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