Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Market Roundup 1

Good morning! It’s good to be back. With perusing Chicago and New York Bridal Markets, to colds and aches, it’s great to be able to show you the latest and greatest in the world of wedding fashion. Today’s post is a roundup of the Chicago and New York Bridal Markets held in the past month. Typically, I have only covered New York Bridal Market, but Chicago’s Bridal Market presented some great treasures that I just had to share with you. So, sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Ball Gowns
Trumpets and Mermaids
Pantsuits and Menswear inspired

Ball Gowns Bridal Market

Bridal Market Trumpets and Mermaids

Bridal Market Sheaths

Bridal Market A line

Vera wang dress

Bride dress

Bride dress

Evening gown dress

Tulle dress


Bridal Market Short

Bridal dress

Yumi evening dress

Bridal dress

David Fielden evening dress

Bridal dress

Bridal dress

Bridal Market Menswear Inspired

Stay tuned for part two!

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