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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Bridal Style

Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday explores two BIG trends regarding bridal style: lace and blush. Thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton’s choice to wear a modest yet gorgeous lace gown for her April nuptials, more and more bride’s are looking to emulate the return of exquisite lace gowns that are a bit more on the modest side. I am a big lover of lace and when I bought my own wedding dress in March, I found exactly what I was looking for and purchased a dress with three dimensional lace detailing.

The second big trend is blush colored gowns a la Reese Witherspoon. Blush gowns were all over the runways at Bridal Market and now those gowns are making their way to the shops and salons. Brides everywhere are embracing this bit of color and I believe it will push designers to make the move toward colored gowns. After all, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria married that white became a bridal tradition. I can’t wait until next season to see how this trend plays out.

So, here are some great gowns that reflect these two bridal style trends. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share your favorites in the comment section.

Lace Trend 2012

Blush Trend