Tips or Trends Tuesday: Trend: Rent the Runway

Are you a fashionista bride looking to make a bold statement with a designer wedding or getaway dress, but on a tight budget? What about an affordable way for your maids to enjoy a bridesmaid dress with amazing style and all under $200? Have a gala to attend and don’t want to wear the same old LBD (little black dress)? Rent the Runway can help.

Rent the Runway was brought to fruition by two friends, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss when Jennifer’s sister needed a killer dress to wear for a friend’s wedding, but her sister’s wallet was more of a budget killer than the type of dress she wanted. It was from a desire to wear a new designer frock to each occasion that the framework for Rent the Runway was built upon: Designer fashion without the huge financial commitment. Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday looks at some of the best from Rent the Runway:

Board 1: Bridal gowns
Board 2: Getaway dresses
Board 3: Bridesmaids dresses
Board 4: Special occasion dresses
Board 5: Jewelry
Board 6: Something blue

Rent the Runway Bridal

Rent the Runway Getaway

Rent the Runway Bridesmaids

Rent the Runway Occasion

Rent the Runway Jewelry

Rent the Runway Something Blue


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