Dream Finds Friday: I Am My Beloved: Ketubahs

I adore Jewish weddings and in my time as an event planner for two Jewish organizations, I have been witness to some amazing Jewish traditions that just touch me. In addition to tzedakah (the act of charity in deed and in coin), my next favorite tradition is the Ketubah. Ketubah.com has a great info piece on the origin of the ketubah: “The traditional or historical ketubah is a binding legal document, one which catalogs a husband’s obligations to his wife, and makes provisions for her protection in the event of divorce or her husband’s death. It is a religious analogue to the contemporary pre-nuptial agreement of secular civil law…The earliest extant ketubah dates from circa 440 B.C.E…The ketubah text was first formalized about three hundred years later, in the 1st century B.C.E., by the Sanhedrin (the presiding Judiac legislative body at the time); it’s authorship is attributed in the main to Rabbi Simeon ben Shetach.”

From The New York Public Library's interfaith exhibit; Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In this 18th-century contract, the groom's name, Abraham Jacob, is alluded to by two vignettes featuring his biblical namesakes, the Patriarchs Abraham and Jacob. The scene on the left depicts Abraham and the Binding of Isaac, the climactic and most dramatic episode in the entire Abrahamic story-cycle. Called upon by God to sacrifice his beloved son, Abraham demonstrates his willingness to accede even to this, before God dispatches an angel to stay Abraham’s hand, revealing the entire episode to have been a test of faith. Source: http://exhibitions.nypl.org/threefaiths/node/88?nref=36&key=5

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to purchasing your ketubah and since I prefer to support individual artisans, I have chosen some very beautiful ketubahs available through Etsy. Click on the thumbnails and you will be taken directly to the respective page of each ketubah that will provide you with multiple views of the ketubah as well as ordering information. I hope you enjoy the examples I have picked and when you are finished here, please follow this link to Pocketful Of Dreams to find out what other dream finds are out there awaiting you this week.

‘I Am My Beloved: Ketubahs’ by ravengrrl

A selection of some of my favorite Ketubahs (Jewish wedding contract) available on Etsy.

Blessings Ketubah with Gold …




Elegant Peacock Ketubah – Je…


Papercut Ketubah – Peonies


Blue Magel ketubah


Custom Ketubah – SEASONS OF …


Photo Chuppah Modern Ketubah…


And My Beloved Is Mine II Ke…


Hamsa Ketubah


Wedding Vows with handpainte…


Modern Hand-painted Ketubah/…


Ketubah Marriage Certificate


Magen David




Cool Ketubah – 101 Read Betw…


Ketubah – White Wedding


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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