Saturday Surprise: Tattoo Cakes

I must apologize for the lack of banter. I was awoken this morning by geese fighting over pond territory. Just one of those moments that only happen when it’s a bajillion degrees out and you have a non-airconditioned place. Denver is along the migratory path for Canadian Geese and some have decided to stay. HONK! HONK!

Today’s Saturday Surprise goes back to Thursday’s post of a Sailor Jerry inspiration feature. In my search I found quite a few really cool tattoo cakes that I wanted to share with you. So, here are those awesome cakes:

Picture source: Board #1
Grey Cake:

Picture source: Board #2
From my favorite Chicago bakery, Green, Red, Orange cake:
Black and Grey tattoo cake with tissue flowers on top:

Picture source: Board #3
Dragon tattoo cake:

Favorite Things: Tattoo Cakes

Tattoo Cakes

tattoo cakes 3


One response to “Saturday Surprise: Tattoo Cakes

  1. Wow! really incredible.

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