Dream Finds Friday: For the love of milk glass

This week’s Dream Finds Friday features one of my favorite things. Yes, as in those Julie Andrews sort of favorite things: milk glass. I have collected milk glass for about *mumble* years. I love it so much that we are using my current collection and adding to it each month to use for mine and Mr. Wondermous’ wedding. It pains me to do it, but I will suffer through. 😉

One of my sources for unique and higher end (aka non-thrift store 50% on Saturday) milk glass pieces, is Etsy. When purchasing online, make sure that if a vendor says a piece is Fenton or Westmorland that they have a pic or send you a pic to make sure the mark is there and you are getting what you are paying for. There is a lot of milk glass out there that is/was made by a variety of sources that aren’t made by the high end glass makers. When purchasing, stick to what you love and don’t worry so much about whether it is made by a high end glass maker.

As I mentioned last week, all of my Dream Finds Friday posts will be items from Etsy. Oh, and when you are finished here, please follow this link to find out what other dream finds are out there awaiting you this week.

Here are some of my milk glass “Dream Finds” currently on Etsy:

‘For the Love of Milk Glass’ by ravengrrl

A collection of milk glass, a collectible near and dear to my heart.

D&E Milk Glass Earring with …


Avon Milk Glass Vintage Lady…


Wedding Day Center Piece for…


Vintage Fenton Silvercrest m…


RARE – Gorgeous Westmoreland…


Vintage Milk Glass And Brass…


Imperial Milk Glass Pedestal…


vintage tassel necklace Judy…


Vintage Milk Glass Apotherca…


milk glass floral design foo…


Vintage Crown Trifari White …


Spring Milk Glass Dish from …


SALE – Set of 36 Milk Glass…


Westmoreland Milk Glass Cake…


Calling All Brides – The Ult…


Fostoria Jenny Lind Milk Gla…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


2 responses to “Dream Finds Friday: For the love of milk glass

  1. I LOVE milk glass. But you can find it at thrift stores for WAYYYY cheaper. My entire collection has cost me less than $20! love the round up!

    • Alicia, I’ve gotten most of my pieces from thrift stores as well and it’s a very good tip for those starting out a collection to check thrift stores first. That way, if you decide it’s not something for you, you aren’t out a lot of money. I’ve have 34 pieces at this time and am picking up 1 or two pieces a month to round out the collection for our wedding. Our ARC thrift stores here in Colorado have a 50% sale every Saturday and all of my bud vases have come from there. I have gotten some unique pieces off of Etsy and Ebay that I haven’t seen in the thrift stores. The most I have paid for a piece was my epergne that looks like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76445212/fenton-hobnail-art-milk-glass-epergne. However, I paid $40 including shipping for that one and it will be going on our sweetheart table. Thanks so much for the comment and happy collecting!

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