Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tip: Free the Groom!

Shhh! Do you hear that creaking? Sounds like a rusty cell door being opened. Wait a minute, that’s just the sound of a groom being thrown in to the same old tuxedo rental shop. A while later, the groom exits the shop looking a bit dejected from the old tried an true groom experience, which reminds said groom a bit of the prom experience. It doesn’t have to be this way and in my opinion, it’s not especially fair to the groom. If you get to have your moment to shine in a beautiful gown, isn’t your love entitled to something similar?

Thankfully, times are a changin’ and more grooms are becoming involved in planning their weddings. With that has come a rise in grooms doing things their way and they are doing it in some really cool ways. I say welcome it! The more excited the groom is about the attire, the more excited and involved your groom will be about your big day. So, instead of following your groom to the tux shop and insisting on the same old thing, let your groom have a moment to shine. Give your groom the freedom to choose attire that speaks to the style your groom prefers and that goes well with the vision you both are trying to create for your wedding. Encourage your groom to bring a parent or friends along on a shopping trip. Free the groom!

Tips Groom

‘Free the Groom!’ by ravengrrl

A groom should have the same freedom to choose his attire that a bride has in choosing hers. Today’s grooms are personalizing their attire more than ever.

Custom Brocade Waistcoats (N…


Vintage Cream Brocade Formal…


Rich Burgundy, Olive and Bro…


Black hooded blazer with pla…


Linen Seersucker 3-Piece Sui…


Magician’s Tricks// vint…


Vintage 1950s Men’s Blac…


Vintage 1950s STEEL DAWN Ric…


Beer. Hops, barley and wheat…


Plant Dyed Silk Tie 62


Escape Artist tie, antique s…


Necktie Floral Skull design …


1940s Vintage silk burgundy …


Superman comics bow tie


Men’s bow tie – Seersuck…


Metal Neck Bow Tie, Aluminum…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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