Theme Thursday: RAWR! Leopard Wedding

If you love animal prints and specifically leopard, this is a post for you. Animal prints are as popular as ever and yes, you can use a bold animal print for an occasion such as a wedding. The key is using it in subtle ways and not going overboard with the print: leopard dresses, leopard flowers, leopard shoes, leopard chair covers, leopard linens, leopard centerpieces, leopard favors, etc. If you are going to do such a bold print, think of little dashes of print shown in small ways such as the cake pictured (the inspiration for this theme), a sash for your bridesmaids, a glass on the table, and even in the black and gold gown shown below. If you over do an animal print, it starts to look too kitschy and way too busy. Animal prints are a “do,” but just keep it as an appetizer, not the main course.

P.S. Aren’t those Vivienne Westwood shoes to die for? I love her stuff!

Theme: Leopard

‘Leapin’ Leopards!’ by ravengrrl

A collection of leopard items suitable for a leopard themed wedding.

U Choose-Tres Chic ‘RaRe…


Leopard Print Garter Set


12 Mini Leopard Spinnable Pi…


Animal Print Monogram Cookie…


Leopard Print Chiffon Flower…


Wood Chalkboard Sign with Le…


Leopard Print Cupcake Liners…


pair of stemless leopard pri…


Handmade Black Necklace with…


Black Taupe Leopard Print bo…


Wedding – gift box elegantly…


Cheese Board Made From A Rec…


Mom’s Killer Cakes & Coo…


Animal Print Bird Wedding Ca…


Cat Eyes


Shades of Gold Bronze Curl F…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

2 responses to “Theme Thursday: RAWR! Leopard Wedding

  1. Love those animal prints.

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