Wedding Wednesday: Lounging Around

Happy Wedding Wednesday all! Today is all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, conversation, and providing a space to do those things for your guests at your wedding. Are the guests at your wedding all folks who like to dance? Do you have some folk who might want to hang back and not be stuck sitting at a dining table? The rise in popularity of wedding lounges is growing and have been depicted on many wedding shows such as “My Fair Wedding” and “Four Weddings.” The old days of folks being stuck sitting at the table with not a lot of room or access to mingle are making their way out and wedding lounges are in in in. Your guests want to enjoy your wedding too and providing a means to mingle and rest after dancing a wicked good Tarantella, is the polite thing to do.

Here are quite a few examples for a wide variety of themes and budgets:






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