Friday’s Favorite: Luxe Week: Statement Jewelry pt. 1

Today’s Friday’s Favorite is all about making a huge impact on your party or wedding wardrobe with statement jewelry. Whether you are looking to wow and draw extra attention to your gala attire or have some extra sparkle as you make your way down the aisle, statement jewelry is the way to go. What is statement jewelry? Statement jewelry are over the top and typically larger and more avant garde pieces than the average bit of fashion jewelry. I hope you enjoy these boards as much as I did putting them together.

statement rings

Irene Neuwirth 18 karat gold ring
$32,880 –

Lydia Courteille white gold jewelry
£18,805 –

Cathy Waterman diamond jewelry
$11,180 –

Cathy Waterman leaf jewelry
$10,570 –

Diamond jewelry

Francesca Villa cabochon jewelry
€6.600 –


Retro jewelry
$1,650 –

statement bracelets

Repossi gold engraved bracelet
$58,430 –

Cathy Waterman floral jewelry
$28,200 –

Tahitian pearl jewelry
$15,444 –

Vicente Gracia 18 karat gold jewelry
$15,150 –

H Stern 18k jewelry
$10,800 –

Judy Geib flower jewelry
$9,900 –

Cathy Waterman circle jewelry
$6,520 –

Konstantino flower jewelry
$2,135 –

Fans & Umbrellas bracelet
$72,000 –

statement earrings

Irene Neuwirth pave earrings
$121,450 –

Irene Neuwirth diamond jewelry
$34,120 –

18k jewelry
$21,920 –

Cathy Waterman amethyst jewelry
$12,110 –

Dean Harris vine earrings
$11,705 –

Drop earrings
$9,850 –

Amrita Singh 14k jewelry
$6,500 –

statement necklaces

Louis Vuitton diamond jewelry
$152,000 –

Munnu chain jewelry
$88,000 –

Cathy Waterman link jewelry
$76,050 –

Sevan Bicakci chain jewelry
$24,825 –

18k jewelry
$18,600 –

Sevan Bicakci tulip jewelry
$13,855 –

Judy Geib etched jewelry
$9,200 –

Bottega Veneta carved jewelry
$6,200 –

South sea pearl necklace


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