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Theme Thursday: Luxe Week: Parisian Princess

Today’s Theme Thursday is based on one of my favorite icons who emanated beauty and refinement and said, “Paris is always a good idea.” When I think of Paris, I often think of Audrey Hepburn. Out of her 30 movies, nine were either set in Paris or featured Paris in some way. When thinking of a theme for luxe week, I thought of the iconic black and white photo of Ms. Hepburn shown below. It’s sophisticated and exudes a simple elegance that a black and white color palette can bring to an event. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, the inspiration board below reflects the luxury and elegance of a simple color palette combined with a luxury cake and the wonder of Paris.

theme thursday

Wedding Wednesday: Luxe Week: Cake or Death?

If you can tell me where “Cake or Death” comes from, I’ll give you a congratulatory high five!

You just have to sneak a peek at the broadcast schedule for Food Network, WeTV, Style Network, etc. to see that the same old cake from the grocery store bakery for a Sweet 16 or kicking it old school with plastic columns and a fountain for a wedding just won’t do. Custom luxury cakes are a must have for a platinum event and I am thrilled to show you some of my favorite wedding cakes and cake artists. In my perfect world who would I want to make my the cake for my upcoming wedding? Ron Ben-Israel. He approaches a cake as a piece of art like no other I’ve witnessed and he’s a really nice guy (see pic of me and Mr. Ben-Israel below).

Ron Ben-Israel and me at the WeTV event at Southwest Plaza in Littleton.

First Set
Top Row (left to right): Ron Ben-Israel (for Carmelo Anthony and his bride Lala Vasquez’s wedding), Creative Cake Art, Magpie’s Cake, Margaret Braun

Bottom Row: It’s a Piece of Cake, Cake Power, It’s a Piece of Cake, SnowyBliss, Pink Cake Box

Second Set
This entire set is devoted to my favorite cake artist: Ron Ben-Israel

Third Set
Next, we have Colette Peters from Collette’s Cakes.

Fourth Set
Third in my list of faves, we have Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake.

Fifth Set
Last but certainly not least, we have Cake Opera Co. If you want over the top elegance, Cake Opera is where it’s at.

Luxe Wedding Wednesday

Luxe Wedding Wednesday Ron Ben-Israel

Luxe wedding wednesday

Colette’s Wedding Cakes

Colette’s Wedding Cakes

Colette’s Cakes

Wedding Cake Gallery

Colette’s Wedding Cakes

Luxe wedding wednesday

luxe wedding wednesday