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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Luxe Week: Whiskey Bars

In the world of luxe events, it’s important to inject something new in to the same old lounge themed cocktail party. Many of your guests will be looking for something fresh and out of the ordinary in order to maintain their attention and give them something to gab about when comparing your soiree to that of the last fete they attended.

The lounge experience for weddings and other social events is no longer a trend, but a staple. It’s up to you and your planner (someone like me perhaps?) to create a new concept for your guests that will keep them talking. Over the past month, I have run in to several events that are continuing the lounge concept but giving it a little twist: artisan whiskey.

Take for instance the athenaeum’s fine whiskey and cheese pairings, which you and your event planner can use for inspiration regarding what whiskeys to use and with what cheeses to pair them with, creating a lounge atmosphere that provides many of your guest with a whole new lounge experience. You can use this as an alternative to a signature drink, which just about every event in the last five to ten years has used (but that I still love).

Prefer chocolate to cheese? Take a peek at Recchiuti’s Whiskey Pairing Box. It’s nine pieces of chocolate expressly selected to pair with luxury whiskeys. There are three each of Kona Coffee, Honeycomb Malt, Fleur de Sel, and pairing notes that will delight your guests and introduce whiskey to those who might not otherwise give it a try.

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